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Circle Craft: Full Moon Healing Ritual

by Selena Fox

This ritual is designed to be performed after Moonrise on the night of the Full Moon, and preferably outdoors in the Moonlight. It is designed as a group ritual, but can be adapted for individual use. Kindle a small bonfire in the center of the circle. The ritual begins with sacred rhythm making to gather participants to the site. When all have assembled, Leader peaks the energy.

Leader: We have gathered tonight to celebrate the Full Moon and do spiritual healing magic. Let us now cleanse ourselves of any unwanted influences. Take deep, slow breaths. Use your breath to cleanse and center yourselves. Let the vibrations of this singing bow (or bell) aid you in your cleansing. Leader plays singing bowl or bell while walking clockwise around the inside of the circle.

Leader: Now let us attune to the Divine as we each know it in our own way as we join our voices in an OM chant. All: OM.

Leader: Let us face the sacred directions and call to the associated powers of wellness. All face each direction in turn, beginning in the North.

Leader: In the North, we honor the Sacred Earth and the Powers of Physical Well-being.

All: Physical Well-being come to us! Chant three times.

Leader: In the East, we honor the Sacred Air and the Powers of Mental Well-being.

All: Mental Well-being come to us! Chant three times.

Leader: In the South, we honor the Sacred Fire and the Powers of Energy Well-being.

All: Energy Well-being come to us! Chant three times.

Leader: In the West, we honor the Sacred Water and the Powers of Emotional Well-being.

All: Emotional Well-being come to us! Chant three times.

Leader: In the Center, we honor the Sacred Spirit and the Powers of Spiritual Well-being.

All: Spiritual Well-being come to us! Chant three times.

Leader: Let us honor and attune to the Powers of the Full Moon. All face the Full Moon.

All: We attune to the Fullness of the Moon, Ah, ah, ah, ah. Repeatedly chant.

Leader: Let us invoke the Sacred Moon using the sacred names from our various paths. Let us honor and ask to join us Full Moon Goddesses, Gods, Animal Spirits, Sacred Plants, and other Divine Forces as we join our voices in a soft chant:

All: Sacred Moon, Come to Us! Repeatedly chant as individuals call out sacred names of the Full Moon. Chant increases in volume and culminates with a group OM.

Leader: We raise up our arms and draw down the power of the Full Moon into ourselves. All do this.

Let us become one with the Sacred Moon. (pause.) Let us be blessed with the Healing Power of the Full Moon. (pause.) Now, in the next few moments of quiet, ask a boon of the Full Moon. Silently speak a prayer for healing or wellness for yourself. (long pause.) So mote it be!

All: So mote it be!

Leader: We now work with the sacred healing power of the Full Moon on behalf of others. This part of the ritual can focus on one or more specific individuals through chanting their names, followed by Be Well, or the Be Well chant can be done softly as participants call out the names of loved ones needing healing.

All: Be Well! Repeatedly chant to raise energy. Leader peaks the power chant.

Leader: So Mote It Be!

All: So Mote It Be!

Leader: We now honor our connection with Planet Earth. We send forth healing prayers for the Circle of Life.

All: Healing for the Earth. Repeatedly chant as individuals call out prayers.

Leader: Now, let us give thanks to the Full Moon. (pause.) Join in this call and response chant. Leader sings each line and all repeat it. Chant is done in this way several times.

Moonlight on the Earth.
Moonlight in the Air.
Moonlight through the Trees.
Moonlight Everywhere.

Moonlight in the Fire.
Moonlight on the Sea.
Moonlight within You.
Moonlight within Me.

Leader: We give thanks to the North and Earth, East and Air, South and Fire, West and Water, Center and Spirit. We give thanks to this Sacred Circle, to the Divine in many forms and as great Unity. We give thanks to each other and our community!

All: We give thanks! Repeatedly chant.

All: The Circle is Open but never Broken. Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again!

Celebratory drumming and dancing begins around the fire for those who decide to stay.

Selena Fox is founder of the Circle Craft tradition. She facilitates the monthly Craftway Circle study group at Circle Sanctuary and presents workshop elsewhere. She guided a form of this ritual at the 2005 Starwood Festival in Sherman, New York.

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