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Spiritual Healing

100 3650Circle Sanctuary supports spiritual healing in a variety of ways. We conduct spiritual healing ceremonies, meditations, and prayers at events, including the monthly Full Moon Circle. We do education and instruction through workshops, classes, and publications. We maintain sacred sites dedicated to healing and faciltate healing through networking.

Our approach to healing is holistic. All the spiritual healing work done through Circle Sanctuary is designed to work in harmony with other treatment modalities, and to enhance, not replace, treatment by qualified health care professionals.

We do not require payment for spiritual healing prayers, but donations freely given are welcome and are tax deductible in the USA. More info about donating to Circle Sanctuary as a whole and to its various endeavors is on-line.

Healing Altar

Inside our Temple at Circle Sanctuary headquarters in Wisconsin, we maintain a Healing altar.  As we receive requests for Healing, we place them on this Altar for healing support and we also send support during group healing ceremonies.   If you have a healing request, please click here to send your healing request through our online form.

Healing Circle on Facebook

An alternative or additional way to request spiritual healing is through the Circle Healing Circle on Facebook: Click "like" to join the page. This will permit you to post a healing request for yourself or for a loved one who has authorized you to do this and to post updates. This also will permit you to post comments as part of sending healing support to others.

Healing Altar

Inside our Temple room at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve, we maintain a Healing Altar. As we receive requests for Healing, we place them on the Altar so that our transmission of spiritual healing begins. Please send your healing requests by email or postal mail.

Healing Shrine

Brigid's Spring is our outdoor Healing Shrine. This site is dedicated to Brigid, the Celtic Goddess of Healing. Here, healing requests take the form of prayer ribbons, which are tied on grapevine hoops suspended in the Willow trees that surround the sacred spring, that flows year round. To receive healing at this site, please send a ribbon with your request as previously described. This site is open for visiting during most of our events.

Healing Prayer RibbonsDSC 8437

We do spiritual healing work throughout the year at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve in Wisconsin, USA, and have sacred sites dedicated to healing. If you would like spiritual healing energy directed to you, please send us a request in writing for our indoor altar, and if you wish, also include a ribbon for our outdoor shrine. Briefly describe your request, beginning with a phrase such as "I want to be cured of..." or "I want to receive healing for..." Phrasing it in this positive way facilitates healing. If you choose to send a healing prayer ribbon, choose a color that you think best symbolizes you and your request. The ribbon can be of any color, and should be between 1 and 3 feet long and between 1/8 and 1/2 inches wide. Ribbons or strips of cloth can be satin, cotton, cotton/polyester blend, or other material. After selecting your ribbon and before sending it to us, hold the ribbon in your hands, reflect upon your request, and then tie a knot at or near one of its ends as you imagine being healed.

Healing requests and ribbons should be submitted directly by those needing the healing whenever possible. In requesting healing for animal friends, babies, those in comas, and others unable to submit requests themselves, please explain this in sending in the request. If sending in a ribbon, if possible, have them hold or touch the ribbon you send in their behalf. This physical connection helps us in focusing on them in doing healing prayers for them. The spiritual healing work we do at Circle Sanctuary is designed to work in harmony with other treatment modalities, not as a substitute. We do not ask for nor require payment for doing spiritual healing prayers.

Click here to send your healing request through our online form.

Send healing requests to:

Circle Sanctuary
PO Box 9, Barneveld, Wisconsin 53507 USA
phone: 608-924-2216

Healing through Telephone Consultations

Rev. Selena Fox, founder & senior minister of Circle Sanctuary, is a spiritual psychotherapist & counselor.  She has a MS in Counseling from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She provides one-on-one counseling, healing meditations, and other consultation services by telephone.  These sessions need to be pre-scheduled and pre-paid.

To schedule an appointment, call the Circle Sanctuary office at (608) 924-2216 or email:

Healing Rituals & Meditations

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