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Renewal with the Green Man

by Selena Fox

The focus of this meditation is personal spiritual renewal. You also can use it to deepen your connection with the Divine as Green Man and the Spirit of the Oak.

Work with the Green Man in a form compatible with your path of spirituality. For example, He may be in a Green Man form common in Morris processions, or as a Green God such as Dionysus, or as a Green Goddess such as Kore, or as a gender-neutral Green Spirit. The Oak trees in the forest in this meditation can be of different types (White Oak, Red Oak, Burr Oak, English Oak, etc.) or of the type most common in the area where you do this meditation.

Do this meditation as its own spiritual experience or as part of a longer ritual. It can be done at any time of year, but is especially suitable to do in the Spring, at a new year time, or as part of a spiritual celebration of your birthday. It can aid in healing when done following a loss or illness.

Allow at least thirty minutes for this meditation. Do it in a quiet, private, and safe place. It can be done outside or indoors. Have a journal and pen available for noting down experiences and guidance when you have concluded the meditation.

Begin by getting into a comfortable sitting position. Breathe deeply and slowly to relax and center yourself. Envision a circle of light around you, or bless the space in your customary way. Close your eyes.

Imagine a screen with your mind's eye. Envision an enchanted Oak forest scene emerging on the screen. It is Springtime in this forest and the Oaks are sprouting new green leaves. Springtime now turns into Summer and the Oaks are in full leaf. Acorns form, and as Summer turns to Fall, they drop to the ground. The Oak leaves change from greens into reds, oranges, yellows, and browns. Now Fall turns to Winter and only a few brown leaves remain on the Oaks.

The scene fades and the face of the Green Man appears on the screen. His face is formed of green Oak leaves. His eyes are vibrant and twinkle with magical light. He speaks to you: "I am your guide in this journey of renewal. Come into this forest with me."

The image on the screen now shifts to one of the forest in Winter. The Green Man, with foliate face and human-like body, is standing in the forest and beckons you to join Him. The screen becomes a portal. You project yourself into the forest and now stand before the Green Man. He speaks again: "Seek out an Oak that reminds you of yourself. Go to it. Ask the Spirit of that Oak to work with you in a release and renewal experience."

You experience yourself walking through the forest and looking at the various Oaks that live there. Oaks vary in age, size, and shape. You continue to look at the Oaks until you are drawn to one of them. You feel drawn to it and it seems drawn to you. You go to it and it welcomes you: "Commune with me so that you can experience release and renewal." You touch its trunk and become one with the Oak. You take on the Oak's form and experience it in its Wintertime rest. You sense the few leaves remaining on some of its/your branches. Your Oak Spirit guide speaks: "Now that we are one, call to mind some things you need to release from yourself and your way of living in daily life in your human form." You name some of those things and as you do, a gust of wind comes forth and blows away the leaves. You let go of what you wish to dispel (such as pain, low self-esteem, loss, weariness). You reflect for a time on this release process.

Now, the Green Man appears before you in your Oak tree form. In His right hand is an Oak staff with a large acorn on top. He speaks: "I am the transformative power of rebirth and renewal." He directs the acorn tip of His staff toward you and a beam of green light comes forth. You take in the green light and begin radiating it. You experience yourself vibrating with energy. Above you, experience the Sun shining. Around you, other Oaks have begun glowing with the green light of renewal. It is Springtime. You experience the energy of Spring growth in you and around you. Continuing to be in your Oak form, you start sprouting new, green leaves. You reflect for a time on this renewal process.

The Green Man speaks: "Consider some things that you can do for personal renewal and wellness in your daily life as a human." Pay attention to any messages that come to you.

The Green Man directs His staff toward you again and then to the rest of the forest. It becomes Summertime. He speaks: "Prosper. Realize your potential." You and the rest of the forest are full of vigor and strength. You reflect for a time on vitality.

The Green Man says: "Remember your experiences with me, the Oak Spirit, and this forest. Prepare to return to your human form and life." The Oak Spirit then speaks: "Remember me. As you have lived within me, I and my wisdom of transformation now live within you." You emerge from the Oak Spirit and give thanks to it. You now turn to the Green Man and give thanks to Him. He gives you a farewell blessing and then you leave the forest, go back through the screen portal, and experience yourself once again looking at the screen. As the Summertime forest scene fades from view, a word or phrase appears that is a message for you. Reflect on this for several moments.

Now call to mind your experiences of this inner journey. Reflect on what you experienced. When you are ready, take some deep and slow breaths, and return to a more waking state of consciousness. Note down your experiences and any messages in your journal. When this is done, release the Circle or other form of sacred space you created at the start of the journey. Carry with you the energy of renewal. Do some form of follow-up action to sustain the renewal you experienced and enrich your daily life.

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