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CIRCLE Magazine Articles

Circle Sanctuary published CIRCLE Magazine quarterly from the early 1980s through 2016.  Full back issues are available for purchase in the Circle Resource Shop

Bardic Voices: stories, songs, & poetry

Clara of Tir na Nog - by Celia Farran in Winter 2002, p. 44

Celebrating the Seasons: rituals, experiences, & ideas

Summer Invocation to the Goddess - by De-Anna Alba in Summer 1980, p. 3

Banishing the Darkness of Midwinter - by Peter Baltensperger in Winter 2002, p. 48

Harvest Thanksgiving at Fall Equinox - by Selena Fox in Fall 2003, p. 45

Circle Craft Articles by Selena Fox: Wiccan rituals, meditations, & teachings from the Circle Craft tradition

Birthday Rituals, in Spring 2003, p. 25

The Circle Craft Path, in Summer 2003, p. 42-43

Circle of Goddesses, in Spring 2002, p. 30-31

Full Moon Healing Ritual, in Summer 2005 p.45

Full Moon Rituals, in Fall 2003 p. 27

Incantations: Making Magic with Sound, in Winter 2004

Sunrise Rituals, in Spring 2006, p. 30

Teaching Prep Meditation, in Winter 2002, p. 29


Celebrating Earth Day - by Selena Fox in Summer 2000, p. 40-41

Family Focus: spiritual activities for children, parents, & families

Children and the Goddess - by Kristin Madden in Spring 2002, p.47


Community Mugwort Harvest - by Selena Fox in Fall 2003, p.44

Wintertime Wassail - by Selena Fox in Winter 2003, p. 55

Inner Journeys: guided meditations & pathworkings

Renewal with the Green Man - by Selena Fox in Spring 2003, p. 24

Drumbeat of the Rainbow Fire - by Michael Drake in Summer 2003, p. 38-40

A Fire Circle Experience - by Gabe Wollenberg in Winter 2009

Magicraft: spiritual practice & personal transformation

Creating Stone Circles - by Selena Fox in Summer 1998, p. 5

Earth Day Spirit Ritual - by Selena Fox in Spring 2000, p. 51

Earth Day Prayer for Planetary Wellness - by Selena Fox in Spring 2000, p. 51

Raising the Sacred Fire - by Shauna Aura in Winter 2009

Pagan Primer: guide for beginners

Goddess Energy Chantdance - by Selena Fox in Spring 2002, p.31

Pagan Rituals - by Selena Fox in Summer 2005, p.5

Pantheon: lore, symbols, & work with deities and other sacred forms

Pathways of Goddess and Goddesses - by Selena Fox in Spring 2002, p.5

Athena: A Love Story - by Patricia Montley in Winter 2002, p.33

The Goddess of Freedom: from Libertas to Lady Liberty - by Selena Fox in Summer 2000, p. 42-44

Kuan Yin - by Selena Fox in Fall 2003, p. 34

Kuan Yin Goddess Circle - by Selena Fox in Fall 2003, p. 35

PSG Memories

Hunting More Than Myth - by several contributors in Fall 2009, pp. 48-52

Main Ritual 2010 - by Paul Herrick in Winter 2010, pp. 51-52

My First Labyrinth - by Raven Bloodstone in Fall 2010, pp. 42-43

PSG Main Ritual: All That and Pyrotechnics Too - by A.C. Aldag in Fall 2007, p. 56

Red Flower, Thunder Flower - by Steven Posch in Spring 2012, pp. 54-55

Solstice Fires of the Pagan Spirit Gathering - by Selena Fox in Winter 2009, pp. 22-24

Spirit Bag Crafting - by Selena Fox in Fall 2011, pp. 31-32

Forum on Celebrating Youth

A Rite of Charms: Passage into Womanhood - by Patricia Lutjic in Summer 2003, p. 18-19

The Zen of Teen - by Julie Tallard Johnson in Summer 2003, p. 5-6

Forum on Celebrating Adulthood

Adulthood: The Midsummer of our Lives - by Sylvia Linton, a.k.a. WoodSpirit in Fall 2003, p. 11

Ritual Tools

Cornucopia: Horn of Plenty - by Selena Fox in Fall 2000, p. 34-35

Sacred Work with Mugwort - by Selena Fox in Fall 2003, p. 42-43

Ritual Bling and Magical Mood-Setting - by Shauna Aura Knight in #114, p. 36-38

Sacred Sites: history, uses, & experiences

America's Stonehenge - by Peter Baltensperger, in Winter 2003, p. 46-47

Angel Mounds - by Selena Fox, in Fall 2003, p. 40-41

Brighid and Her Sacred Well - by Paula Jean West in Spring 2002, p. 42

Brigid's Spring - by Selena Fox in Fall 1998, p. 40

Circle Sanctuary Sacred Land & Ritual Sites - by Selena Fox in Winter 2001

Mugwort Circle - by Selena Fox in Summer 2001, p. 46

Stone Circle at Circle Sanctuary - by Selena Fox in Summer 1998, p. 4


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