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Goddess Energy Chantdance

by Selena Fox

Do this Chantdance in a private, quiet place. For solo work, stand facing a sacred place, such as an altar, or one of the compass points, such as North. For group rituals, all should stand in a circle facing Center and use "us" instead of "we." When used as part of daily spiritual practice by those beginning Goddess studies, this Chantdance can help develop an alignment with the All-Goddess. Used by experienced practitioners, it can be used as a prelude to deep meditation and aspecting. An earlier version of this Chantdance is in my Goddess Communion handbook.

Close your eyes, take several deep breaths to center yourself, and then begin slowly chanting out loud:

The Goddess is Above Me.
The Goddess is Below Me.
The Goddess is Before Me.
The Goddess is Behind Me.
The Goddess is Around Me.
The Goddess is Within Me.
The Goddess is Within Me.
The Goddess is Around Me.

Repeat this several times so that you memorize it. Then add the accompanying movements and continue repeating it. Your eyes can be open or shut depending on your preference.

When you say The Goddess is Above Me, raise your arms high above your head and intuitively feel the energy coming down from the Sky. In saying The Goddess is Below Me, point your arms to the ground and sense energy rising from the Earth. With The Goddess is Before Me, extend your arms in front of you and sense energy flowing into you from that direction. With The Goddess is Behind Me, extend your arms in back of you and sense energy flowing into you as you do this. In saying The Goddess is Around Me, move your arms freely around you and sense the energy spiraling around you from all directions. With The Goddess is Within Me, hold your hands to your Heart and sense the energy from all directions centering deep within your being. In repeating The Goddess is Within Me, sense your oneness with the Goddess, and as you say The Goddess is Around Me, move your arms around you freely again and feel yourself being a radiant source of Goddess energy.

Continue to repeat the chant and let the movements become a dance. Allow this Chantdance to move you into an ecstatic state of consciousness. Then, when you sense it is time to end the Chantdance, do so by speaking a final affirmation: The Goddess is One with Me and I am One with the Goddess. Follow this with a few moments of quiet meditation. Then take several deep breaths and return to ordinary consciousness or continue with other spiritual work.

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