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Sacred Sites: Brighid's Spring at Circle Sanctuary

by Selena Fox

Brigid's SpringHealing ribbons hang from grapevine hoops in the Willow trees around Brigid's Spring, a spiritual healing place at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve in southwestern Wisconsin, USA. This sacred site, with its year-round bubbling Waters, is dedicated to the Healing Goddess Brigid, who lso has been known by many names across cultures and religions, such as Brighid, Bride, Brigit, St. Bridgit, St. Ffraid, and Brigandu.

During both individual and group healing rituals here, Brigid is invoked and ribbons are placed as offering-petitions for healing. Some ribbons placed during rites have been mailed to Circle Sanctuary by those who are not able to physically journey to this site (see page 59 for more information). Other ribbons are placed by those seeking healing themselves. During a group healing ritual, participants form a circle around the Spring. A healing hoop is passed clockwise around the circle, and participants attach healing ribbons as they focus on the healing request represented by each ribbon. At the culmination of the ritual, the hoop with all its ribbons is held over the center of the Spring, dipped into the Water, and then hung on the Willow tree branch above.

Participants then join together in thanking Brigid and Her sacred Spring. Often participants collect waters from the Spring to take home with them to aid spiritual work. Humans and creatures alike enjoy relaxing and renewing themselves at Brigid's Spring.

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