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In Memoriam: Joseph (SIR JOE) Raymond (1938-2023)

Sir Joe in 2014, at BeltaniaJoseph Paul Raymond was born on June 14, 1938 in Little Falls, New York. He served three years in the US Army and then 30 years with the Department of Defense, followed by 20 years in law enforcement. He was a 32 Degree Scottish Rite Freemason and a Wiccan Priest.

Joe, also known as Sir Joe, was a Pagan Warrior. He was one of the first Pagans serving in the US Army to have "Wiccan" on his dog tags, in 1962.

Joe was a longtime member of the Circle Sanctuary Community, and was Circle Sanctuary's first Military Affairs advisor.

Sir Joe also helped with security advising as Circle Sanctuary moved its headquarters to its land, Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve. Sir Joe was a longtime advisor to Lady Liberty League, which formed in 1985.

In 1984, Joe co-founded the Guardians of the Sacred Circle, which has continued to provide Safety, Security, and Medical support for the Pagan Spirit Gathering. He was honored in Community Ritual as Sir Joe for his security work to the Pagan Spirit Gathering Community.

PSG 2007 Military Parade Selena and Joe leadingSir Joe was part of the Veteran Pentacle Quest, which began in 1997 and met with success in 2007. He helped lead the Veteran Pentacle Quest Victory Celebration at Summer Solstice 2007.

We give thanks to Sir Joe for his service to Circle Sanctuary, Lady Liberty League, Pagan Spirit Gathering, and our other endeavors. We also give thanks for his service to Paganism, to the USA and the Planet. Hail and Farewell. Blessed Be.

Ceremonies celebrating Sir Joe's life and legacy are being planned for some upcoming events at Circle Sanctuary headquarters and at Pagan Spirit Gathering in June 2024. More information will be shared via Circle Sanctuary social media and website.

Learn more about Joe in his family-created obituary:

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