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Pagan Military Service Ribbon

pmsr ribbonPagan Military Service Ribbon (PMSR) is a recognition award for Pagans who are serving or who have served in the US Military as well as military forces of allied countries.

This Ribbon pin, created by Circle Sanctuary in 2011, is being ceremonially presented to Pagan veterans and troops by Circle Sanctuary Military Ministers at a variety of festivals, conferences, and other events across the USA.

Ribbon symbolism is embodied in its colors and shapes.  It is rectangular with six red and six white stripes surrounding a field of blue with a golden acorn at its center.

  • The Golden Acorn represents Paganism and the enduring power, strength, protection, and magic of the Oak, held sacred by many Wiccan, Druidic, Heathen, and other Pagan traditions.
  • The Blue field and the Red and White stripes represent the USA, its Flag, and Great Seal.
  • The color Gold represents Generosity and Honor.
  • The color White represents Purity and Dedication.
  • The color Red represents Courage and Valor.
  • The color Blue represents Loyalty and Steadfastness.
  • The Ribbon as a whole represents Recognition and Appreciation for Military Service.

Ribbons are presented in ceremonies in-person, and also via internet radio which requires a live call-in.  In order to be eligible for a Pagan Military Service Ribbon, please share the following information with us:

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