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Egg Rolling Divination

A Spring Ritual by Selena Fox

Assemble Materials

You need to have an undecorated, unpeeled hardboiled egg and at least one waterproof coloring tool such as a crayon or permanent marker.

New Growth Choices

Pick four things you might choose to do this Spring that have the potential of enriching your life. These things can be options that you already have been considering doing. They also may be things that occur to you as you do this part of the exercise. If more than than four things occur to you, pick the four most intriguing to you.

Write these four possible actions on the back of this paper or on a separate sheet. Choose a symbol or word to signify each action. Mark it next to the fuller description of the four possible actions.

Egg Decorating

Hold the egg in your hands a few moments and silently focus on it being a spiritual helper on your life's journey. Silently thank the bird species that produced it (such as chicken, duck, goose). Acknowledge it as the synthesis of the Elements of Nature -- the Earth which is its physical form, plus the Water, Fire, and Air that hardboiled it, and Spirit, its connection with you as your spiritual helper. When you feel complete with the meditation, begin decorating the egg.

Throughout the egg decorating process, keep your attention focused on it being a spiritual helper. Decorate the egg with symbols as follows:

  • At one end of the egg make a circle and inside it put your name or initials, plus a symbol that represents the Spring season to you.
  • At the other end of the egg, make a circle and inside it put a symbol or word that represents Divinity to you (such as a deity name or a sacred color or shape).
  • Now draw four vertical lines dividing the remainder of the egg into roughly four segments.
  • In each of the four segments put the symbol and/or word of each of the new growth options you are considering.

When you are done decorating the egg, hold the egg a few moments in your hands and imagine it glowing with a spiritual light. Connect again with it as a spiritual helper in this decorated form. When you are complete with this, place the egg on the altar in the divination egg basket for use later.


After the indoor ritual is completed, get your egg and, weather permitting, journey outdoors to take part in the egg rolling divination part of the ritual. As part of group ritual, present yourself and your egg to the directions and focus on your connection with the Divine within and in all of Nature around you.

After this is done, begin your personal divination. Find a sloped area to serve as the place for your egg rolling. If necessary, clear a way for the rolling by removing by hand sticks, leaves, and other debris.

Once this is done, center yourself and holding the egg in your hands, request guidance by repeatedly saying something like: "Guidance for New Growth, come."

Roll the egg. Keep your eyes on it as it rolls. Notice where it lands.

Go to the egg after it stops rolling and then examine what side and symbol is facing the sky. Focus on the segment that is most predominantly facing upward. Call to mind what this symbol represents. Spend some time meditating on what has shown itself to you. Reflect on yourself putting this option into action in your daily life.

When done, give thanks for the guidance received and take up your egg. What you do with the egg is up to you -- for example, you can eat it as a sacred food, or you can take it home and place it on an altar or other special place, or you can bury it in the Earth, or you can leave it at the Stone Circle or other sacred site at the Sanctuary as an offering. Whatever you choose, keep in mind its sacredness.


Make a note about the guidance you received. Write about your experiences.

Manifest the action in your life and notice in what ways you grow as a result of doing this.

Give thanks for this growth and change.

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