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Celebrating Spring: Customs and Traditions

selena spring 2017Workshop by Selena Fox
Circle Sanctuary Welcome Spring Festival 2017 *

Spring Time

  • Spring Equinox  - astronomical start of Spring aka Vernal Equinox 
  • Spring Forward - Daylight Saving Time in USA, second Sunday in March
  • Spring Weather Time – meteorological Spring starts on March 1 (northern hemisphere)
  • Spring Calendar Start – some old & contemporary Pagan paths, some other religions
  • Spring Break – in March & April, depending on school system, region
  • Spring Equinox Tides – days leading up to date of Spring Equinox (March 20 this year)

Spring Signs

  • Birds – migration patterns, nesting, eggs
  • Greening Land & Budding Branches
  • Spring Ephemerals
  • Lengthening Days

Spring Symbols

  • Colors – pastels, greens, yellows, purples
  • Ostara/Eostre Eggs, Baskets, Rabbits/Hares
  • Flowers, Seeds, Seedlings, Pussy Willows

Spring Cleaning

  • Cleansing thresholds
  • Airing interiors with opening of windows & doors
  • Home cleaning & rearranging, Garage sales 
  • Gardens & fields planting & growing preparations
  • Personal Reflection, Assessment, Purification, Re-patterning

Spring Planting

  • Selecting, blessing, planting Seeds indoors and/or outdoors
  • Planting Spiritual Seeds for personal & community growth

Spring Divinities

  • Ostara/Eostre
  • Deities of Resurrection – Dionysus, Persephone/Kore
  • Foliate Deities – Jack in Green, Green Gods & Green Goddesses

Spring Rituals

  • Decorating home, altars, shrines with Spring symbols, offerings
  • Inner Journeys for Release & Renewal
  • Balancing meditations, rituals, lifestyle changes
  • Egg Hunts, Games, Balancing, Choices Divination
  • Nature Meditations, Walks, Divinations
  • Spring tonics, greens, rejuvenation
  • Festivals, Bonfires, Feasting, Revels, Community Celebrations
  • New beginnings, innovation, new clothes & ways

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