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Winter Solstice Chants

Solstice-Sunby Selena Fox

Solstice Sun
Solstice Sun, Shining Bright.
Shortest Day & Longest Night!
Solstice Wish of Hope & Cheer,
Peace on Earth throughout the Year!

Longest Night
Entering into the Longest Night,
Entering into the Birth of Light.

Solstice Circle Casting
Circle of Light, Circle of Sound
Circle of Solstice, Circle Around!

Solstice Spirit
Solstice Wisdom, Solstice Cheer,
Solstice Spirit, Welcome Here!

Circle of Solstice
Circle of Solstice Power, Circle of Solstice Light!
Circle of Solstice Magic, Circle of Solstice Bright!

Solstice Fire
Sacred Winter Solstice Fire,
Lift our Spirits, Take us Higher!

Solstice Magic 
Solstice Magic, Solstice Night,
Solstice Fire Burning Bright!

Yule Lights
Yule Lights on Longest Nights!
Yuletide Cheer
Be of Good Cheer,
Now & Through the Year!

Solstice Candles
Solstice Candles Glowing Bright
Inspire us with Your Sacred Light.
Solstice Circle, Yuletide Rite
Bless us on this Longest Night.

Yule Peace
Make Peace on Earth,
Make Peace Within.
At the Sun’s Rebirth
And ‘round the Wheel Again!

Solstice Peace
Solstice Peace upon Us
Solstice Peace around Us
Solstice Peace within Us
Solstice Peace

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