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near Barneveld, WI

at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve near Barneveld, WI

Boundless Spring

Embracing a bit of Rabbit Revelry with a celebration honoring the renewal, emergence, creativity and balance that spring brings.
Coordinated by Lacie & David

Register here for on-site Welcome Spring!

Register here for virtual Rabbit Lore & Magic with Selena Fox!



9 AM Gate Opens for arrivals.
9:30 AM Welcome Circle with Lacie Mackintosh
Announcements about the day followed by Opening Circle.
10:00 AM Break
10:15 AM Growing Your Magickal Practice with Syh Kitts
Sow the seeds of your intentions for the year ahead with Syh Kitts. In this workshop we’ll discuss the practical and magical uses of some specific herbs, and various methods of determining how plants can be used for magic. At the end of the workshop, participants can plant some seeds of their choosing, based on what energy you want to bring into your life through the rest of this year.
10:15 AM Spring Equinox Mindful Walk with Dennis Carpenter
Join me on a mindful stroll through Circle Sanctuary as we acknowledge the remaining aspects of Winter, enjoy the emerging signs of Spring, and appreciate the unique ecology of Circle Sanctuary. Our route will be dependent on land conditions and those taking part. Techniques for enhancing mindful awareness in Nature will be utilized. Be prepared for standing and walking in any weather conditions, including sturdy walking shoes and drinking water.
10:15 AM Family Programing with Rev. Florence & Emily
Rabbits and Hares!
11:15 AM Break
11:30 AM Community Egg Hunt
Gather at the Maypole Embark on an exhilarating hunt for hidden eggs. Participants of all ages are encouraged to join in the fun and excitement!
12:00 PM Spring Picnic
Pack a sack lunch and join us for community conversation and gathering. Please no Peanuts or Peanut products.
1:00 PM Rabbit Lore & Magic with Rev. Selena Fox
Explore Rabbit mythology and symbolism across time and cultures. Learn some ways to work with Rabbit lore and imagery in creating Springtime rituals, altars, meditations, and celebrations. Discover some ancient and contemporary Pagan dimensions of the beloved Springtime Icon, the Easter Bunny, and connections with the Anglo-Saxon Goddess Eostre aka Ostara. If possible, bring a Rabbit image to use in meditation, plus paper and pen for noting insights.  This workshop will also be live-streamed. 
1:00 PM Family Programing with Rev. Florence & McKenzie
Eggs (divination, decorating, science!)
2:00 PM Break
2:30 PM Renewal of Spirit with Dan & Sharon Stewart
Spring is a great time to restore balance within your body. Join in as Dan and Sharon lead you in a sound bath journey through the chakras using crystal singing bowls and other musical instruments to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. If you choose to lay down instead of sit, please bring a yoga mat or blanket.
2:30 PM Family Programing with Rev. Florence & McKenzie
Seeds and Sprouts!
3:30 PM Break
4:00 PM

Ritual - Affirming Your Way to Balance with Rev. Sharon Stewart 

Join Rev. Sharon and others as we learn how using affirmations can help keep you in balance, and open boundless possibilities for you this springtime season and for seasons to come.   Followed by closing announcements. 

5:00 PM Clean up and departures.


  • A sack lunch and snacks for you and your family -- please, no peanut products as a community member has a severe allergy!
  • Your own bottle or cup for water, and/or a mug for coffee
  • Appropriate clothing for Wisconsin Winter: heavy coat, hat, scarf, gloves, warm socks and snow boots. Some events will be outdoors.
  • Separate pair of shoes or warm slippers to wear in the Temple Room to keep the floor dry and free of mud.
  • A rabbit image to use during mediation.  optional 
  • A basket for gather eggs during the egg hunt. 
  • A yoga mat or blanket if you choose to lay down for the sound bath.  optional
  • A notebook and pen to take notes during workshops.


Registration for this event is limited. Please register online to guarantee you will be able to attend.


Cancellations received before March 18th will be refunded minus 50% processing fee.  Cancellations received on March 19th or later will not be refunded.  Please refer to Circle's cancellation policy if you should need to cancel your event registration.


For any questions, please contact the Circle office.

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